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Diving back in....

I don't even know where to start, but that's what this is all about....just starting. As some of you know last year I moved back to Nevada and got divorced. Sometimes things just don't work out and people are better friends than partners.

Moving back was exciting and terrifying. In the beginning everything was new and liberating, I felt free. Then reality set in and so began the existential identity crisis.

I had no idea who the fuck I was anymore. I completely lost myself in my marriage. I got so caught up in being a wife and a mom that I was just a shell of my own identity. I had been married since I was 19. Almost a decade of being someone's other half and now I was on my own in the real world with no direction and a toddler to raise.

I have had so much support from family and friends, and I clearly wouldn't have gotten through last year without them. The past year has just been spent surviving. Locking in a living situation so I can provide Quinn with consistency and her own space. Finalizing my divorce. Settling in to our new normal and new home. Things have finally settled down and we're falling into a routine and calm new life.

Once the survival and house hunting was over I realized I put my business on the back burner and essentially had to start over from scratch. The idea of that has had me in an unproductive anxiety ridden standstill. but after a lot of reflection and some tough love I'm ready.

I have the opportunity to make my business whatever I want it to be. I also have the opportunity to take what I've learned through this crazy chapter of life and use it to help the women I'm so lucky to work with. I've learned so much about mental health, inner strength, boundaries, and self care in the past year. I'm excited to take the tools I've acquired and to be able to inject them into my business. I've always taken pride in creating a safe space for women to address and bond over everyday problems and to be able to openly speak about mental health. I'm bringing that back.

Boudoir is so much more than just spicy pics. It's the experience and the way it can impact your body image, confidence, and mental health. I started this business because I wanted it help people in some way with my photography, so I'm getting back to those roots with a whole new perspective. I'm so stoked to pour into this and you guys. I'm excited to be candid and open about my journey and to get back to the relatable outgoing Bailey. I'm done hiding, making excuses, and being afraid. I'm ready to DO and make shit happen. So here's to new beginnings, clear intentions, and fresh starts!



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Looking forward to 2022! can’t wait to book my boudoir shoot with you ✨


i love your transparency and i cannot wait to see your work. It’s always inspired me and helped me view myself in a more positive way.

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