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Hey beauty!  I'm so stoked you're here.  My name is Bailey and I'm the face behind Emerald Honey Boudoir.  What started as a hobby quickly turned into a mission to empower every woman who stands in front of my camera.  Boudoir is so much more than babes in pretty lingerie and spicy pics.  For me it's about bringing you a life changing experience that will stick with you forever.  At Emerald Honey my main focus is you, your experience, and making sure you know just how gorgeous you are inside and out.  Are you up for it?!

Empowerment photographer serving
the wild wild west.

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It takes two to make a thing go right...

Emerald Honey Boudoir wouldn't be what it is without my ride or die.  We've been besties since high school so it's only natural we would work together!  Bailey's the creative brain and Sierra is the glue that holds this operation together.  No matter what, our main goal is to make you feel the most comfortable and confident at your session, so consider us your ultimate hype girls.  We want you walking away from your session feeling, beautiful, strong, worthy, and brave.  We take this stuff pretty seriously and nothing makes us happier than visible confidence boosts our clients have when they leave their session. We love what we do and strive to bring you the best experience and end product we can.

Nice to meet you

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You inquire

Once you inquire through my site I will send you a pre-session questionnaire.  I will also send you a welcome guide that will walk you through a session with us!  Once that's filled out we will schedule a pre-session consultation where I will answer any and all questions you have.

We set a date

After your pre-session consultation we will collect a deposit  that will secure your session date and time.  If you chose to wear items from Emerald Honey's client closet we will also set a date for a fitting during this time.

Shoot time

The day of your session is all about you.  We will meet at the location agreed on.  Once you arrive we pamper you with hair and makeup while you just sit back and relax.    Next comes the photo part of your session, which will last around 2 hours.

The goods

Within 2 weeks of your session we will schedule a time to view your final edited images.  From here we will decide what products or packages best fit your needs.  Once decided, your products will be ordered and delivered for you to swoon over!

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